You can be sure that anything you discuss with any members of this practice—family doctor, nurse or receptionist—will stay confidential.

Even if you are under 16 nothing will be said to anyone—including parents, other family members, care workers or tutors—without your permission. The only reason why we might have to consider passing on confidential information without your permission, would be to protect you or someone else from serious harm. We would always try to discuss this with you first.

If you are being treated elsewhere—for example at a hospital—it is best if you allow the doctor or nurse to inform the practice of any treatment you are receiving.

If you have any worries about confidentiality please feel free to ask a member of staff.

Please refer to the attached link

Carer's Policy

Policy For The Identification Of Patient Carers

If a patient has a Carer, permission is sought from both the patient and the Carer for the Carer details to be recorded under the both the Patients and Carer’s computer record.

However if the Carer is not registered with this Practice, written consent from the Carer must be obtained by the patient for these details to be recorded on the computer.

The Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE)

CHIE is a secure system which shares health and social care information from GP surgeries (including our own practice), hospitals, community and mental health, social services and others.

It helps professionals across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas provide safer and faster treatment for you and your family.

We feel the many benefits include:

  • Help in ensuring that you only have to tell your story once
  • Reducing delays to your treatment – such as the need to reduce blood tests
  • Making sure the GPs, nurses and others involved in your care know about your medical history.

To protect your privacy and confidentiality, only health and social care professionals who are involved in your care are allowed access to your record and can identify you from it.

Your information is also used to improve future care for you, your family and for other patients. This helps plan NHS services and supports medical research. To keep your information safe it is moved to a separate database called ‘Care and Health Information Analytics’ (CHIA) and changed so that it cannot be used to identify you. People who analyse data on CHIA do not have access to CHIE, so cannot identify you.

You have the right to opt out of having your data on CHIE for your care or CHIA for health planning and research. If you want to do this, please speak to your practice or contact the CHIE team directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoning 0300 123 1519. You can also visit for further information.